• Assist in the evaluation of potential home/property purchases.
  • Develop feasibility studies for potential projects.
  • Compile preliminary analysis of zoning and other regulatory requirements for potential projects.


  • Meet with clients to determine project requirements (program.)
  • Develop preliminary design options.
  • Work with clients to refine preliminary design options and create a single “schematic design option.”
  • Build upon the single schematic design option and develop “design development / pricing drawings.”
  • Assist clients in hiring a structural engineer and any other consultants deemed necessary and work with those engineers and consultants thought the design process.
  • Use design development / pricing drawings to obtain preliminary cost estimates and/or zoning approval (see below.)
  • Revise design if necessary based on pricing and/or zoning approval.
  • Work with clients and contractor to finalize permitting and construction drawings.


  • Work with clients to compile list of prospective contractors.
  • Help clients interview contractors and obtain preliminary cost estimates.
  • Help clients evaluate contractors and preliminary cost estimates.
  • Help clients select contractor.


  • Conduct preliminary meetings with zoning and/or building departments as necessary to determine regulatory constraints and discuss how proposed projects might meet those constraints.
  • Submit projects for zoning and building department approval.
  • Respond to questions from zinging and building departments, as necessary.
  • Revise drawings as necessary for zoning and building department approval, if necessary.


  • Conduct kick-off meeting with clients and contractor, to discuss any important and/or red-flag issues.
  • Conduct regular site visits, to observe construction, answer contractor/client questions, and identify any issues.
  • Work with contractor and client to resolve issues as they occur.
  • Compile punch list at end of project.
  • Assist client with any close-out issues.