I value well thought-out, efficient plans and details that make a place feel well crafted. I think that design should revolve around the people who occupy and interact with a building. I want things to feel natural — everything should just work. I don't favor any particular style of architecture but I think that the style of a project should permeate every aspect of a building from its layout to its smallest detail.

I see design as a collaborative process. Everyone has something to contribute, based on their strengths. My goal with each project is to find the right balance between leading the process and collaborating with the client, contractor and other team members in order to find a solution that exceeds everyone's expectations.

I utilize 3-dimensional drawings when ever possible to help clients understand the design and give the clearest possible idea what a project might look like when it's finished. I find that people have a more difficult time truly understanding flat, 2-dimensional drawings. Using perspectives really brings an idea to life and really contributes to the design process.

Throughout the process, I apply careful consideration and many years of experience to every aspect of a project. I provide insightful design solutions and help create well-crafted buildings that are both functional and beautiful.

Rockridge rear